ERRant on the side of Incaution


A wrong Left doesn’t make a Right right

I’m pretty open minded. I respect the fact that people have different political and ideological views. And I try really hard (with the occasional slip up) to not be pious or condescending when listening to the 180 of what I believe…why can’t people follow my beautiful (and humble) lead?

Fact of the matter is there people on both sides that are so ignorant they know exactly what’s eating Gilbert Grape.

Being a Democrat or a Liberal doesn’t make a person stupid, just like being a Republican or a conservative does not make you smart. In fact if anything it probably makes you a little close minded. (I say that as open-mindedly as possible)**

I see all of these people posting things about drug tests for welfare, ef Obama, socialism is taking my money, repeal Obamacare, etc.

Back Up. I’m 22. Most of my friends are around that age. They’re talking as if they’re in the minority 1%. NONE OF US ARE IN THAT 1%. In fact we’re all last Saturday night when you got your stomach pumped and only had to pay your $10 copay bc daddy’s health insurance covered you, that was thanks to your socialist president who extended the age of coverage from 21 to 26…fucking Marxists right?

In my life it seems that the people bitching about current public policy are the people who it is helping the most at the moment. The government isn’t taking all of your money because you don’t have any. You want to complain about the government encroaching on your freedoms..except when it comes to being pro choice..There a fallacies on both sides of the spectrum people, nobody’s perfect.

Point of this rant is-you want to bitch and complain make sure you’re looking to the left and not just the right because traffics coming from both ways. And don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Sincerely, Moderate

**open-mindly is not a real word

But in all honesty..neither is Obamacare