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Washington Outfoxed

Gun control is a hot button issue right now. Like piping hot. Like hot
dayum hot. I’m not a Quaker, I don’t mind guns. Do I have a problem
with average citizens owning and using the same guns as our military?
Yes. Do I feel that every American has a right to own high capacity
rounds and rapid fire guns? No. But that’s not the point it’s just my
The whole country is in agreement that the mass shootings need to be
stopped. One side says ban assault weapons and more funding for mental
health. The other side says hands off our guns we need to do something
about crazy people. And another side is…The NRA- a group whom I
refused to waste words or thoughts on…  I lied- the NRA disgusts me.
I’m a fan of CNN because I think it’s a pretty neutral news source
(fight me if you want). But I occasionally read Fox News as well just
to get a second perspective. OPEN MINDS CHANGE THE WORLD AND AREN’T
MODEST ABOUT IT. So I read some of Fox’s articles and noted some of
their charge words and felt accomplished. Then I saw an article
entitled “What Everyone Needs to Know about our Constitution and Gun
Control.” I have to admit Fox- you intrigued me. TELL ME WHAT I NEED
TO KNOW. And you know what? Fox surprised me. They cited the places in
the constitution that give the President the right to impose an
executive order on gun control…then even listed the Presidents
(Republicans and Democrats alike) that did it. O M G
SO after reading that, here’s my beef:
Gun control is a hot button issue right now. Like piping hot. Like hot
dayum hot. But it’s an even hotter issue because our country is so
polarized. Other countries have had no problem getting “bipartisan”
support on passing gun laws. Other Presidents in THIS COUNTRY from
BOTH PARTIES have been able to get bi-partisan support on gun laws. So
why, after the most horrific mass shooting in US history, can’t we
fucking get bipartisan support for gun laws? What has happened in the
last 4/5 years that has made winning more important than morality? Who
spit in whose sand box that made all the kids not want to play
together anymore?
It’s not just the lack of support for gun laws; it’s the lack of ANY
coherent dual-party plan to stop violence in America. You’ve got
hypocritical, contradictory, statements from the NRA calling for
violent video game regulation right before they themselves release a
violent video game. You’ve got Boehner stamping his foot and saying no
to every plan like a 3 year old who is tired but DOES NOT WANT NAP
TIME. And you’ve got Obama putting the VP in charge of an issue that
in this pathetic day and age of politics NEEDS support from both
sides. Biden is as diplomatic as my right shoe going on my left foot.
I guess my point is- get it the fuck together Washington. Stop playing
the zero sum game of politics Washington and remember that 23 children
were murdered in cold blood on our soil. For god’s sake if Fox news
can publish a non bias article on gun control then I think you guys
can figure this one out.

-King George’s equally tyrannical mistress

Nov 5

Since when did being a Democrat mean you’re poor and unemployed? Social Media is making me sick right now.

Aurora Calls for a Cleanse of the Aura

Kind of realizing all these events happened last week..but I want to talk about them anyway. So much for concise.

Aurora Colorado. A tragedy happened.

Never have I ever seen so many facebook posts, tweets, and pictures of NRA propaganda**. Really? Is this really the time to rally the gun lovers of this country? “We’ve got a right to protect our second amendment right”. Cool. Tell that to the 12 dead and 64 wounded. 

I try to be open minded. I’m not a huge fan of guns but I get why people keep small handguns in their drawers, I understand why people like to hunt with riffles, although bow and arrows seem like they’d have the primitive feel. But I don’t think anyone can ever justify to me why an average citizen should ever own/need a semi automatic weapon. 2nd Amendment or not.

I’m all about the constitution. I spent 5 months studying just the framework and that might be the longest relationship I’ve ever had. I love the Amendments, they keep me from blogging without being lynched (God Bless the South). But G D the Constitution is a living document. Amendments like the sacred Second are it’s life line’s. They allow it to evolve with time. So let it.

Some call regulating guns an encroachment on a basic liberty. But I’m pretty sure the right to not be shot at with a weapon designed for mass bullet output is a little higher on the list.

-Getting of my high horse..with my hands up so please..don’t shoot

** I hate that I used the word propaganda 


That awkward moment when republicans realize that the main provisions they have a problem with in Obama’s health care bill came from Mitt Romney’s universal health care bill in Massachusetts..

A wrong Left doesn’t make a Right right

I’m pretty open minded. I respect the fact that people have different political and ideological views. And I try really hard (with the occasional slip up) to not be pious or condescending when listening to the 180 of what I believe…why can’t people follow my beautiful (and humble) lead?

Fact of the matter is there people on both sides that are so ignorant they know exactly what’s eating Gilbert Grape.

Being a Democrat or a Liberal doesn’t make a person stupid, just like being a Republican or a conservative does not make you smart. In fact if anything it probably makes you a little close minded. (I say that as open-mindedly as possible)**

I see all of these people posting things about drug tests for welfare, ef Obama, socialism is taking my money, repeal Obamacare, etc.

Back Up. I’m 22. Most of my friends are around that age. They’re talking as if they’re in the minority 1%. NONE OF US ARE IN THAT 1%. In fact we’re all last Saturday night when you got your stomach pumped and only had to pay your $10 copay bc daddy’s health insurance covered you, that was thanks to your socialist president who extended the age of coverage from 21 to 26…fucking Marxists right?

In my life it seems that the people bitching about current public policy are the people who it is helping the most at the moment. The government isn’t taking all of your money because you don’t have any. You want to complain about the government encroaching on your freedoms..except when it comes to being pro choice..There a fallacies on both sides of the spectrum people, nobody’s perfect.

Point of this rant is-you want to bitch and complain make sure you’re looking to the left and not just the right because traffics coming from both ways. And don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Sincerely, Moderate

**open-mindly is not a real word

But in all honesty..neither is Obamacare

You can’t have your cake and abort it too.

I was driving behind a car yesterday and it had two bumper stickers on it that made me a dark, sinister, what the hell is this country coming to, kind of way. One of the stickers was a blatant anti-abortion, pro choice piece of right wing propaganda (I’m not bias at all). The other sticker had the ‘word’ “ObamaCare” on it in the middle of a no smoking sign- excuse my utter lack of imagery, I hope you still get the picture. Point is..I wanted to ram my car into the back of this car, then I wanted to get out, apologize insincerely and ask for a pen and paper to jot down my information. Under my information I just wanted to write one word, then hop back into my car and keep ramming the car in front of me until my car stopped working. And the word I wanted to write was/is CONTRADICTION.

You cannot take away a woman’s right to abortion then ALSO turn around and say fuck you, you’re having this baby, and absolutely no one is going to help you get medical care to do it. And what about the child/infant/fetus? Hey yea we brought you into this world with out anti abortion beliefs, but after that you’re on your on your mother’s dime..or lack thereof.

Point is America- you want to be anti-abortion then you’ve got to be pro healthcare. They’re not mutually exclusive. And to you religious extremists who are also republicans..I don’t think the man up top would commend you on a job half assed done. You can’t have your pro life views and abort free health care. Jesus Christ. Even Jesus Christ was offered the ancient version of free health care.


Ps. Its my body and imma do what i want.